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Amulets That Envoke Change



With You In Mind

You desire excellence at its finest. A way to stand out. We create amulets of power. Luxury fashion accessories that embolden. Where exquisite design is matched by craftsmanship.

At Overstand, we celebrate artists who know their craft beyond understanding. We value the slow and steady weaving of the needle, the wise hands working polish into the leather. Our siren is the echoing clang of the metalwork hammer as it brings new products to life. Crafted by experts from materials of the highest calibre, our amulets offer the essence of perfection.



At Overstand, we know humankind must suffer one of two things, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. 

Our high fashion brand designs for the former. For you. Because we recognise the woman whose aura lights up

the room. The man who stands effortlessly on the frontlines

of elegance. The people who envision a world where 

the beauty of discipline is celebrated.


We believe a luxury accessories brand

has the power to embolden and inspire.

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